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Why Additive

Our approach is based upon solving customer challenges with solutions that work and support your additive parts requirements. By continually exploring many different additive manufacturing methods we are always looking to combine the right technology to the application. Being flexible, we align the technology and manufacturing solution that’s right for each and every application. EBM technology may be right for some; while DMLS might be the choice for another.

We are often asked the question why should additive manufacturing be used in the first place. It comes down the three very simple challenges in manufacturing.
+ Low Volume
+ High Complexity
+ Long Leadtime

If you answer yes to any of these challenges above then 3D printing should be considered. For low volume applications the ability to eliminate tooling and programming can be a large cost savings. The technology also allows customers to develop products that are uniquely customized to their needs.
The complexity question allows both the engineer and customer to open up their imagination and create products that historically were impossible or too costly to achieve. Often engineers are forced to make compromises based on available manufacturing technologies. 3D printing gives you another tool to achieve that perfect part.

Yet another major benefit of using Metal 3D printing is leadtime. Because there is a reduced level of tooling your parts can be delivered significantly quicker than traditional manufacturing.

Addaero in Action

Reverse Engineering:

Addaero Manufacturing has the ability to reverse engineer legacy and out of production parts when 3D CAD models and blueprints are unavailable. For instance, Addaero is working with a large aerospace defense contractor to provide this service for a legacy military training application.

Rapid Design Iteration:

Working with a defense contractor, Addaero Manufacturing is enabling the rapid manufacture of functional prototype military hardware. This allows our customer to perform rapid design iterations in order to quickly find an optimal solution.

Manufacturing Trials:

Addaero Manufacturing can quickly deliver casting prototypes to aid in the optimization and certification of manufacturing processes such as machining, welding and brazing. Addaero manufacturing is currently working with a large tier one aerospace supplier to perform manufacturing trials with gas path engine hardware.

Serial Production:

Addaero Manufacturing is working with an aerospace component supplier to provide fabrications for a high temperature application. By using EBM the customer is investigating the ability to avoid multiple machining and heat treat cycles to drive overall costs lower.

Research and Development:

Addaero Manufacturing is actively involved in the US Government SBIR program. Addaero actively solicits opportunities in the following areas:

+ Material Development
+ Process Certification/Quality
+ Post Processing
+ Volume
+ Complexity
+ Leadtime