Design for Additive Manufacturing: What Does That Really Mean?

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The story of designing for additive manufacturing (AM) is always told through eccentric geometries and topology optimization, but does it really have to be that complex?  What is often misunderstood is that AM is primarily a tool to solve problems. Just because the technology allows for the design of extremely…

Material Development for EBM: Ferrium C64, Part 2

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This is the second installment of our blog series on Material Development for EBM: Ferrium C64. For those who have not read the first post introducing both the Ferrium C64 material and the EBM material development process, it can be found here. As discussed in our previous blog, the EBM…

Material Development for EBM: Ferrium C64, Part 1

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At Addaero we pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to our customers.  For many additive manufacturing projects, this means using standard materials like Ti6Al4V to produce production hardware.  In the case of Ti6Al4V the OEM provides the machine software, also known as process themes, to manufacture parts out of this…

Why is Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Different?

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Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing method that is used across many industries and has proven particularly useful in the aerospace sector.  At Addaero we believe that there are three reasons why you would use the technology: low volume, high complexity, or long lead time.  The aerospace industry has all three…

Rocket Update!

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Last year Addaero started an in-house project to design, fabricate and fire an EBM additively manufactured rocket.  In December, we shared with you the first finished component, the rocket nozzle. We are now happy to announce the completion of the second major step in the process with the fabrication of…

Effect of HIPing on EBM Produced Ti6Al4V

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Addaero is committed to producing additively manufactured components that can withstand the harshest of environments.  To meet these demands, we employ various post-processing procedures that improve the quality and functionality of our components.  For aerospace applications, the most common post-process is to HIP (hot isostatic press) the parts.  In general,…

From design to final part, what does it really take?

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Design to Part for Custom Marine Hardware Background: A common misconception with metal additive manufacturing is that 3D printing is as simple as printing followed by part installation.  Addaero’s approach is to treat additively manufactured components as near-net castings that require post-processing operations to meet the final production requirements.  Because…

Addaero Rocket Project

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Background: Over the past 2 years Addaero has been fortunate to work with some of the most prestigious companies in the world and we have been able to work on some amazing projects.  With confidentiality being paramount in the industry we are rarely able to show what we work on….